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Bridges & Structures

Tunnel Management

Tunnel Management

Westminster City Council is responsible for the three road tunnels or
underpasses, these are:

  • Strand/Kingsway Tunnel off Waterloo Bridge
  • Piccadilly (or Hyde Park Corner) Underpass
  • Harrow Road Underpasses.

These road tunnels contain substantial Mechanical, Electrical and other
specialists systems, including an over-height vehicle detection system
for the Strand Tunnel which alerts vehicles with a height greater than
3.2 meters to avoid using the tunnel.
The overall objectives of the Tunnel Management regime are to ensure that:

  • The tunnels provide a safe environment for the user, are clean and operable
  • The tunnel equipment and systems are maintained in proper working order in accordance with the Minimum [Safe] Operating Requirement (MOR) for each tunnel

The Piccadilly and Strand Underpasses are closed 12 times a (usually at weekends)
for essential maintenance.