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Bridges & Structures

Structural & Environmental weight limit

Structural & Environmental weight limit

What is the difference between a structural weight limit and an environmental weight limit?

A structural Weight limit (a round sign with a weight limit only) is a mandatory limit and means the bridge is weak and to protect it, vehicles whose plated weight is over the limit must not be driven over the bridge.

An environmental limit (generally 7.5T shown on a lorry on a round sign) is also a mandatory limit and is used to discourage heavy good vehicles from using the route as a through route. This is either for a social or environmental reason, or because the lane is too narrow.

What should I do if I see a vehicle hit a bridge? 

If it is a railway bridge, you will find a telephone number on a plaque on the bridge structure. Call this number immediately to contact the rail company urgently. Do this first, and then contact the Police (dial 999) and us. If you have any other bridge issues, please contact us on 0207 641 2000

Report a problem with a bridge.

If you notice a problem with a bridge, please tell us about it using the online fault reporting form (link opens in a new window). You will require an e-mail address to complete an online report - if you do not have an e-mail address please call 0207 641 2000