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Abnormal Loads

Abnormal Loads

The City Council is responsible for the management of the movement of abnormal, loads through Westminster.

What is an abnormal load?

An abnormal load can generally be described as a vehicle:

  • Carrying more than 44 tonnes;
  • With an axle load of more that 11.5 tonnes;
  • More than 3 metres wide or;
  • More than 18.75 metres long.

The City Council deals with over 3000 abnormal load movements per year. Many of the wider or longer vehicles require authorisation by the Metropolitan Police, as an escort is often required.

Hauliers are required to issue abnormal load notifications before any move is scheduled to take place. Hauliers must also an Abnormal Load Block Indemnity Form to indemnify Westminster City Council for each move.

The email address for abnormal loads is  The dedicated fax number for abnormal loads is 020 7394 2638.