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Bridges & Structures



There are a number of privately owned vaults and cellars extending under the public highways.
The majority of these date from a time before current loading
requirements were introduced and therefore are prone to damage from traffic loading or highway workings. 

Requests for advice will occur as a result of reported damage from either a member of the public, City Council Inspector or providers working for the City Council.

Work is broken up into categories

Urgent Advice

  • Attend the site of reported damage within 24 hours of request to assess the extent of the damage.  An internal inspection of the damaged vault must be undertaken where possible.
  • Take digital photographs of each site to provide a clear visual record of the site conditions and in particular before and after any necessary works.
  • Advise and undertake immediate temporary works as necessary to make the footway/carriageway above the structure safe.
  • Provide a detailed Report within two week

Repair Options for Damaged Vaults

There may be circumstances where the ownership and responsibilities for vaults cannot be ascertained.  In these cases the City Council may decide to repair and/or strengthen the vault.

  • Provide options for the strengthening /repair, or filling of the vault.
  • Produce a report for discussion and agree the preferred option with the City Council