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Circus Road

Circus Road

Ward: Abbey Road

Streets Affected: Circus Road, Kingsmill Terrace, St Ann's Terrace, St John's Wood High Street, St John's Wood Terrace, Wellington Road

Project Type: Streetscape

Project Overview

Circus Road improvements are a continuation of an existing Civic Streets project in St John’s Wood

St John’s Wood High Street was the first project to be implemented under the Civic Streets program to improve District Shopping Centres in Westminster. In 2006 works were carried out to the footways and public street lighting as part of the public realm design proposals.

These improvements have now been extended to the remaining part of the district shopping centre in Circus Road / St John’s Wood Terrace

The footways along Circus Road & St John’s Wood Terrace outside the commercial premises (predominantly shops and cafes) were identified as a priority area for improvement and proposals developed included:

  • providing new kerb stones to maintain a consistent kerb edge to the footways
  • providing new concrete slab paving on the public footway.
  • A recessed shared loading/parking bay outside Tesco Metro store between St. Ann’s Terrace and Kingsmill Terrace
  • improving street lighting and reducing clutter by relocating sign poles
  • providing new paving across forecourts of properties where possible to integrate with the new footway paving surface
  • renovating existing paved seating areas with new benches, lighting and Police community noticeboard at the Wellington Road junction
  • providing a dedicated electrical power supply for the existing florist’s stall trading pitch in Kingsmill Terrace
  • upgrading existing cycle parking facilities
  • providing a new surface to the dilapidated forecourt of Starbucks at the St John’s Wood High Street junction
  • widening the existing zebra crossing across Circus Road at the St Ann’s Terrace - St John’s Wood High Street junction


Works completed

Outline Programme

The detailed proposals were presented for review at St John's Wood Library in December 2008. Implementation commenced in February 2009 and was completed in August 2009 except for outstanding street lighting items requiring electrical connections in progress from EDF and additional alterations to parking and loading restrictions subsequently agreed by the City Council

Project Documents


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