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PATEMS Review - Streetscape Improvements

PATEMS Review - Streetscape Improvements

Ward: Hyde Park

Streets Affected: Bayswater Road, Edgware Road, Harrow Road, Westbourne Terrace

Project Type: Streetscape

Project Overview

This report is a review of all previous PATEMS studies undertaken since May 1993 and provides a revised group of schemes to achieve Westminster City Council’s current PATEMS objectives.

The background to the PATEMS exercise is that it fulfils a number of purposes in the study area which direct the priorities on how schemes are developed and how they are funded. It should be noted that the PATEMS exercise is therefore used to: 

  • Ensure Council projects take account of cumulative impact and displacement.
  • Mitigate the impacts of the PSPA and other major developments in the area, including projects such as Cross Rail and historically LTVA.
  • Acts as part of the Council’s formally adopted S106 SPG for securing funds and projects from third parties, especially developers.
  • Acts as a focus for joint working with TfL on their own programmes and priorities as well as those projects they carry out with the City Council.

Following an inception meeting in June 2007 the revised PATEMS study area and scope of study were agreed. It was also agreed that the review should direct its attention towards environmental improvements as many of the traffic related issues identified in residential areas had been indirectly addressed by the Western Extension of the Congestion Charging Zone. Work on PATEMS projects had been suspended from 2000-2006 whilst the LTVA project was underway and this is the first opportunity to review issues and options since the completion of that project and the WEZ of the Congestion Charge being implemented.

Subsequently the PATEMS review focused its attention on previous proposals included in the original PATEMS study carried out in 1993, LTVA amelioration measures proposed between 1998 and 2002 and other schemes which have recently been implemented or are proposed to be implemented in the area.

As part of a holistic approach the study has assessed and provided recommendations on schemes which could have a positive impact to the Paddington area relative to the traffic and environmental effects of the PSPA developments. A preliminary assessment was carried out on a list of eighty-nine schemes.

As a result of this study many of the original PATEMS proposals were not considered suitable to progress, however, site observations during the preliminary review have identified existing problems or necessary improvements at certain locations. These improvements have been included in this review and are mainly focused on improving pedestrian accessibility and movement, parking, traffic calming measures and streetscape improvements.

In response to the outcome of the review and scheme consolidation, the study has recommended the following schemes to be progressed under the PATEMS umbrella (in no particular order):

1    Grand Union Canal Area and Harrow Road Gyratory
2    Church Street Area
3    Edgware Road Corridor (south of the Marylebone flyover)
4    Westbourne Grove
5    Harrow Road and Great Western Road Area
6    Westbourne Terrace/Bayswater Road Corridor

Revised designs and budget estimates have been provided as part of the final PATEMS review and are included in the report.
The existence of a project on this list does not mean that it will be necessarily solely funded by the contributions from developers through S106 agreements. Each project can be considered for funding through that source or from specific sources or other established City Council or TfL programmes. As further developments take place in the area further funding will be obtained to allow for projects to be supported as opportunities or needs arise.

The present report will provide Westminster City Council and other key stakeholder’s with sufficient detail in order to agree the final list of schemes to be consulted upon and reported for Cabinet Member decision.


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