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St Christopher's Place and James Street Public Realm Improvements

St Christopher's Place and James Street Public Realm Improvements

Ward: West End

Streets Affected: Gees Court, James Street, Marylebone, St Christopher's Place

Project Type: Streetscape

Project Overview

This scheme utilises planned maintenance work and private sector investment to deliver public realm and highway improvements to the immediate area. These proposals form part of three discrete phase of works, which include public realm and access improvements to St Christopher’s Place, Gee’s Court and Barrett Street ”the  piazza”.

Project Summary:

Below provides a summary of the main elements of the project.

James Street:

  • Removal of the curved drainage channel and replacement with a flat channel.
  • Declutter of bollards, railings and any redundant signs.
  • Removal of existing brick tree planters and trees and replacement with tree pits (below ground), to free up space. A late flowering tree species Pseudo Acacia Casque Rouge is proposed with nine new trees.
  • New loading pad for deliveries and new loading bays adjacent to GAP on James Street.
  • Relocation of street lighting columns to back of kerb (away from the centre of the pavement). This will improve provide more useable footway space.
  • The removal of the damaged St Christopher’s Place signs and their replacement.
  • The relocation of the cycle stands and possible removal of telephone boxes (subject to BT approval).

St Christopher’s Place, Gees Court, Barrett Street – ‘The Piazza’:

  • Repair and relay of the York stone paving to Gees Court and St Christopher’s Place and introduction of a three-colour granite sett ‘entry treatment’ at the junctions with Wigmore Street and Oxford Street, to help draw people into St Christopher’s Place.
  • Removal of dead tree in piazza and replacement with an alternative species (final choice yet to be confirmed).
  • Installation of granite setts into the piazza to provide a more robust and identifiable public realm. Where appropriate there maybe the opportunity for occupiers to have their forecourts repaired or replaced, subject to funding. If you are considering such works please contact the St Christopher’s Place Management Office.
  • Minor works to the water feature and surrounding paving, including new mesh perimeter to help reduce water run-off, relaying of paving and possible remedial work to the wells to reduce water spray.


Works completed

Outline Programme

Feb 2012 to July 2012

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