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Wilcox Place Streetscape Improvement Scheme

Wilcox Place Streetscape Improvement Scheme

Ward: Vincent Square

Streets Affected: Wilcox Place

Project Type: Streetscape

Project Overview

Westminster City Council commissioned landscape architects Burns & Nice through a competitive tender process to undertake a streetscape improvement scheme within Wilcox Place. The aim was to deter anti-social behaviour and rough sleeping and create a simpler, more appealing public realm space and link between Victoria Street and the quieter heritage area of Howick Place and Francis Street.

The design included:-

  • a centrally located ‘carpet’ design running from north to south along the space consisting of a mix of 4 granite types
  • mid-grey granite slabs to frame the 'carpet'
  • wall mounted lighting
  • de-cluttering/rationalization of the existing space
  • removal of existing trees and provision of 3 new semi mature trees
  • an extended al fresco dining area
  • re-allocation of existing and provision of 10 new cycle racks
  • installation of public art piece at the southern end of Wilcox Place, subject to planning permission.
The project was funded by S106 contributions from the Howick Place development (formerly House of Fraser) and the approved Vincent Square Ward budget.


Works completed

Outline Programme

Works completed September 2013

Project Documents


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    Design Stage
    In Consultation
    Works on site
    Works completed