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Streetsweepers Depot Highway Works

Streetsweepers Depot Highway Works

Ward: Hyde Park

Streets Affected: Harrow Road, Hermitage Street

Project Type: Streetscape

Project Overview

Westminster City Council is proposing to relocate their existing street sweepers’ depot facility in North Wharf Road to a new site adjacent to the A404 Harrow Road gyratory.

This change is required to permit redevelopment of the North Wharf Road site. The street sweepers’ depot was granted conditional planning permission on 25 February 2011.

The new depot is to be located beneath the A40 Westway elevated carriageway, on the eastern side of the Harrow Road gyratory.

The new development will require changes to the highway layout along the A404 Harrow Road.

These changes which are outlined on the attached plan, are to include the following:

  • Reduction in the size of the gyratory – the new development will require realignment of the circulatory carriageway on the eastern side of the gyratory, across part of the existing roundabout island. Existing embankments are to be cleared and the ground re-profiled for construction of new carriageway and footways. These modifications will not alter the status of the gyratory which will continue to operate as a roundabout. In addition, there will be minor changes to the alignment of the Harrow Road westbound carriageway on the approach to the gyratory;
  • Toucan crossings – new toucan crossing facilities are to be provided across the eastbound and westbound Harrow Road carriageways to permit safe pedestrian and cyclist access to the depot;
  • Vehicle access – new chevron marking is to be provided along the Harrow Road eastbound carriageway to allow safe vehicular access to the depot. A new vehicle crossover is to be constructed on the south side of the depot to form an egress point from the new facility;
  • Trees and soft landscaping – Approximately 20 trees are to be relocated or cleared to make way for the changes to the alignment of the carriageway, on the east side of the gyratory. All trees that cannot be relocated will be replaced. New shrub planting is to be introduced on the south side of the depot. A new embankment is to be provided within the central island of the gyratory. The embankment is to be grass seeded and supported with a biodegradable Coir blanket;
  • Street furniture – new lamp columns and signs are to be provided to replace existing installations being cleared for the revised layout of the gyratory. New vehicle restraint barriers are also to be installed along the new carriageway alignment to replace existing barriers that are to be removed;
  • New footway paving – The footway area surrounding the depot and the triangular island by the junction of Harrow Road and Hermitage Street is to be paved with concrete slabs. In addition, a new section of footway is to be provided within the central island of the gyratory and this area is to be paved in mastic asphalt surfacing;
  • Drainage – 9 new gullies are to be provided to replace existing installations that are to be removed in line with the new carriageway alignment. An existing manhole is to be re-built and two new installations provided for the sewer connection to the new facility; West One is working on the design check of the highway design carried out by the developer


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