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Collapsed Cable & Wireless Chamber in Piccadilly Opposite Air Street

Collapsed Cable & Wireless Chamber in Piccadilly Opposite Air Street

Ward: St James's

Streets Affected: Piccadilly

Project Type: Traffic, Safety & Parking

Project Overview

"A Cable & Wireless chamber in the centre of the westbound carriageway of Piccadilly collapsed at around  noon on Thursday 12 July 2012.   Upon investigation of the collapsed chamber, several large holes around it were found. This required the demolition of a second Cable & Wireless chamber next to the first one.

One large hole extended under two Thames Water mains, which required filling with over six cubic metres of concrete to allow Cable & Wireless to re-build its two chambers and reinstate the westbound carriageway.
Westminster City Councils Contractor West One will be placing concrete around the brickwork built chambers to fill the voids on Friday 20 July 2012.

The two brick built chambers will take regular heavy loading from buses and it is important that the chambers are given reasonable time for the mortar and concrete to strengthen and take these heavy loads. Once the concrete is strong enough the carriageway will be resurfaced.

Consequently, the westbound carriageway will be re-surfaced on Sunday 22 July 2012 before being opened to traffic from 6pm.

Transport for London Buses has been informed to remove the bus diversions at 6pm on Sunday 22 July 2012.

TfL will be make adjustments to traffic signals at or shortly before 6pm on Sunday 22 July 2012.

I take this opportunity to thank all involved in restoring Piccadilly to two way working and to the residents and businesses for being so understanding.”

Martin Low
City Commissioner for Transportation


Works completed

Outline Programme

Works will be carried out between 12th July 2012 and 22nd July 2012

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