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Grosvenor Hill - Public Realm Improvements

Grosvenor Hill - Public Realm Improvements

Ward: West End

Streets Affected: Bourdon Street, Broadbent Street, Davies Street, Grosvenor Hill, Grosvenor Street, Jones Street

Project Type: Streetscape

Project Overview

Westminster City Council is improving the Public Realm on Grosvenor Hill and surrounding streets

The highway improvements will include the following:

  • Paving Broadbent Street and Jones Street with Yorkstone paving;
  • Construction of crossovers in granite setts at the vehicular entrance/exits on Bourdon Street;
  • Construction of a raised granite sett table at the junction of Bourdon Street and Grosvenor Hill;
  • Repaving the footways in Yorkstone paving and carriageway resurfacing in asphalt along Bourdon Street and sections of Grosvenor Hill, Grosvenor Street and Davies Street;
  • Construction of a  raised carriageway in granite setts along a section a section of Grosvenor Hill outside the proposed Gagosian Gallery;
  • Widening and repaving with Yorkstone paving of Davies Street pavement;
  • Introduction of feature lighting and upgrades to the existing highway lighting;
  • Introduction of new trees and street furniture.


Works completed

Outline Programme

Works will commence on site on the 1st of September 2014 and to be completed by September 2015

Project Documents


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    Design Stage
    In Consultation
    Works on site
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