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Saltram Crescent Traffic Management

Saltram Crescent Traffic Management

Ward: Harrow Road

Streets Affected: Saltram Crescent

Project Type: Traffic, Safety & Parking

Project Overview

Residents' from Saltram Crescent have raised issues of the road being used as a “rat-run” by a large number of drivers looking to save time by avoiding Fernhead Road/Carlton Vale/Kilburn Park Road.

In 2014 the City Council commenced investigations into potential traffic calming options for Saltram Crescent and followed this up with engagement with residents. The City Council considered a number of traffic calming options for Saltram Crescent, including those put forward by residents and interested parties.

A public meeting was held in November 2014 to discuss residents’ concerns and the traffic calming options were the subject of a public meeting in November 2014. The result of this meeting was that it was decided a Working Group consisting of Local Councillors, residents of Saltram Crescent and the surrounding roads and officers and representatives from the City Council, be formed to discuss possible traffic calming options for further consultation with resident of Saltram Crescent and the surrounding roads.
The Working Group identified a preferred proposal which includes the introduction of two lengths of one-way working by making Saltram Crescent one-way northbound from its junction with Bradiston Road to its junction with Fernhead Road and one-way southbound from its junction with Fordingley Road to its junction with Shirland Road.

The scheme is to be progressed in two phases. The first phase will be to introduce the sections of one-way operation under an Experimental Traffic Order (ETRO). In this phase physical works will be kept to a minimum and only the temporary signing and lining measures necessary to ensure the safe operation of the one-way sections will be installed. This will allow the impacts of the scheme to be monitored and the level of transfer of traffic onto roads adjacent to Saltram Crescent to be assessed before a decision is made on whether or not the scheme should be made permanent. If the traffic displacement is considered too great, then it might be necessary to modify the scheme though the removal of one of the one-way sections, or to abandon the scheme. If, as a result of the monitoring assessment, it is considered that the benefits and impacts of the scheme are acceptable then the second phase of the scheme will be to implement the proposals in full and a permanent TRO made. This means that if the scheme is not successful then funds will be available to remove the ETRO measures and return Saltram Crescent to its current layout.


Works completed

Outline Programme

19th July 2016 - 5th August 2016

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