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Hyde Park Estates Local Safety Improvements - Hyde Park Street

Hyde Park Estates Local Safety Improvements - Hyde Park Street

Ward: Hyde Park

Streets Affected: Hyde Park Street

Project Type: Traffic, Safety & Parking

Project Overview

The aims of the Hyde Park Estates Scheme is to introduce improvements to the current highway infrastructure for vulnerable road users. The street locations identified for further assessment were on Strathearn Place, Hyde Park Square, Clarendon Place, Hyde Park Street, Connaught Street, Hyde Park Crescent, Southwick Place and Somers Crescent. Long standing safety concerns have been raised by ward members and local residents around the difficulties pedestrians have in crossing the local road network in and around Hyde Park Ward. By undertaking safety improvements to the issues brought about by local feedback, pedestrian safety could be enhanced with the introduction of crossing facilities for vulnerable road users. These measures would also provide a highway that has a better balance between motorist and pedestrian usage. The proposed measures would create a slower speed environment, thereby reducing traffic volumes on the local road network, and reducing ‘rat running’ by keeping traffic on the more appropriate classified roads. The key objectives of this scheme are to mitigate potential conflicts for vulnerable road users, provide a better level of service, be environmentally sustainable and long lasting.


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