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Ladbroke Grove Harrow Road Junction Improvement

Ladbroke Grove Harrow Road Junction Improvement

Ward: Queen's Park

Streets Affected: Harrow Road, Kilburn Lane, Ladbroke Grove

Project Type: Traffic, Safety & Parking

Project Overview

The junction of Kilburn Lane, Ladbroke Grove, and Harrow Road is currently signalised for vehicular traffic, but there is no pedestrian phase. The primary objective of this scheme is to provide a more pedestrian friendly environment by including an "all red" phase for general traffic allowing "green man" time on all four arms of this signalised junction improving the experience for pedestrians navigating the junction.

The scope of the scheme also includes -

  • Resurfacing of the junction and all approaches, with anti-skid surfacing on all signal approaches.
  • Renewal of footway materials where required.
  • New dropped kerbs at signalised crossings.
  • Improved bus accessibility on the western footway of Kilburn Lane by the removal of the existing
  • triple height kerb.
  • New functional street lighting
  • Widening of the carriageway on the east side of Kilburn Lane, cutting back the wide footway, to improve the network resilience at the junction.
  • Minor amendments to loading restrictions on Harrow Road (WCC) and Kilburn Lane (Brent).


Works on site

Outline Programme

Programme dates: 1st September to 16th December

Phase 1 (September)
Removal of existing traffic signals, islands, and installation for temporary signals for the duration of works.

Phase 2 & 3 (September to end October)
Deep drainage connections and adjustments to pedestrian islands (Harrow Road/Ladbroke Grove).

Phase 4 (End October to December)
Major works to Kilburn Lane (road closure - 7 weeks), including footway widening, new paving and resurfacing.

Phase 5 (December)
Resurfacing of Harrow Road (under directional closures) and Ladbroke Grove (Road closure).

Phase 6 (Late January)
Anti skid on all crossings.

Project Documents


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