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LCN+ Route 5 Section 2

LCN+ Route 5 Section 2

Ward: Bryanston and Dorset Square

Streets Affected: George Street, Marylebone Road, Seymour Place, Seymour Street, Upper Berkeley Street

Project Type: Sustainable Transport (Buses, Cycling etc)

Project Overview

The City Council worked with the London Cycle Network + Team to make improvements to LCN Route 5.

The purpose of this scheme was to improve cycle facilities along Route 5.  The scheme looked at improving signing and the condition of carriageway for cyclists. This scheme forms a part of the London Cycle Network plus (LCN+) route.

The scheme comprised improvements for cyclists along Seymour Place to make the cycling route safer and more comfortable.

Works included:

  • Resurfacing and installation of anti skid surface treatment at the junctions of Upper Berkeley Street and George Street with Seymour Place.
  • Provision of cycle lanes and reservoirs at the signalised junctions.
  • Provision of cycle logos and signs.


Works completed

Outline Programme

Construction completed in July 2009.

Project Documents

There are no documents available for this project


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    Design Stage
    In Consultation
    Works on site
    Works completed