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Traffic Management Orders

Traffic Management Orders


The majority of prohibitions and restrictions that apply to traffic on the public highway are put in place by Traffic Management Orders (TMOs) made by the City Council under the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and other Traffic Management Order related legislation. Contraventions of the provisions of a TMO may give rise to the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

The City Council maintains an extensive library of Traffic Management Orders for the prohibitions and restrictions within the City of Westminster and is in the process of making these available on-line. Currently TMOs for the following are available:

Parking Places

The City of Westminster is divided into 8 parking zones and the current TMOs for all the zones may be searched for either by street name or ward via the link below. The consolidation orders for each zone are listed separately should you require the articles for a zone.

A map of the zones may be found here: CPZ plan (pdf 435 kb)

Prescribed Routes

Prescribed routes orders relate to moving traffic and are for banned or compulsory turns; one-way streets; no entry points and restrictions on vehicular access. Please note that not all moving traffic offences are covered by a TMO, e.g. yellow box junction marking.

Waiting and Loading

The streets in the City of Westminster are subject to restrictions on parking and a large number of them have restrictions on loading and unloading. The consolidation order is listed separately.

Special Parking Bays

There are a number of parking places within the City of Westminster that are reserved for the holders of specific permits such as Disabled Badges, Hospital or Doctor Permits; or are reserved for particular vehicles such as Police vehicles, diplomatic cars or motorcycles. The Consolidation Orders for those categories that are in the archive are listed below.

Servicing Bays

Some areas on streets are reserved for vehicles providing a service or receiving a service such as loading or recharging electric vehicles and taxi ranks. The Consolidation Orders for those categories that are in the archive are listed below.

Estate Parking

The majority of Westminster's housing estates are signed as either a Controlled Parking Zone or "permit holders only beyond this point". The parking bays on each of these estates can only be used by vehicles with the relevant type of permit for the specified type(s) of bay on that estate.