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Cambridge Circus Public Realm Improvements

Cambridge Circus Public Realm Improvements

Ward: West End

Streets Affected: Cambridge Circus

Project Type: Streetscape

Project Overview

Cambridge Circus provides an important place function within the street network of Westminster, as well as forming an important crossing point for general traffic, buses, cyclists and pedestrians. The junction does not cater adequately for the high number of pedestrians using this junction, and there are currently pedestrian congestion and safety problems.

It is the aim of Westminster City Council to improve the public realm, safety and environment for all highway users and to allow traffic to make the currently banned right turn from Charing Cross Road (Northbound) to Shaftesbury Avenue (Eastbound).

The highway improvements include the following:

  • Widening of the existing crossings;
  • Widening of the existing footways around the junction;
  • Introduction of a diagonal crossing;
  • Introduction of a contra-flow cycle lane Litchfield Street and West Street;
  • Removal of all islands and central barriers on the carriageway;
  • Introduction of advanced stop lines for cyclists;
  • Introduction of a right-turn from Charing Cross Road northbound into Shaftesbury Avenue eastbound;
  • Introducing of mandatory cycle lanes on the approaches to Shaftesbury Avenue from Charing Cross Road;
  • Introducing a traffic signal controlled arrangement in Charing Cross Road at its junction with Lichfield Street, including new stop lines on the northern and southern approaches in Charing Cross Road and introcuction of a keep clear area;
  • Introduction of traffic signal aspects for cyclist at all the stop lines at the cycle lanes;
  • Changes to the position and size of the ASLs.
  • Resurfacing the carriageway, including skid resistant surfacing, at the Circus and on all approaches;
  • Repaving of all footways in the Circus and Shaftesbury Avenue with York stone slabs and York stone sets and all other approaches in Artificial Stone Paving;
  • Creating raised entry treatments using asphalt in West Street, at its junction with Shaftesbury Avenue and in Old Compton Street at its junction with Charing Cross Road;
  • Upgrading the existing highway lighting;
  • Improving surface water drainage;
  • Relocating the existing bus stop in Charing Cross Road immediately north of the junction, to a point further north;
  • Relocating two existing CCTV traffic cameras; and
  • Relocating the existing cycle racks and de-cluttering of junction by removing all unnecessary signage and street furniture.

Cambridge Circus Consultation Leaflet (pdf 3.0mb)


Works completed

Outline Programme

Subject to approvals, it is planned to start the works on site in January 2017 and to be completed by November 2017

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