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Hanover Square Public Realm Improvement Scheme

Hanover Square Public Realm Improvement Scheme

Ward: West End

Streets Affected: Hanover Square

Project Type: Streetscape

Project Overview

This project is revitalising the area into a high quality public space fitting of its heritage by widening and decluttering the narrow footways, introducing high quality natural stone materials and new street lighting. The works will also involve carriageway renewal, which will take place once the footway works have been undertaken. The improvements will accommodate the significant increase in pedestrians expected with the opening of the new Crossrail station.

As part of the scheme, we are also seeking to restore the gardens and create an oasis space here for all those who live, work in and visit this area. Westminster City Council as the local highway authority is leading on the public realm project. The principles for the public realm have been developed and the current proposals are shown in the downloadable leaflets at the bottom of the page.

A key part of the Public Realm Improvements is to enhance the Hanover Square Gardens. The gardens are an invaluable and much-loved asset in this important part of London which sit at the heart of the area’s townscape. The gardens have fantastic potential to be improved as a genuine oasis space for the use and enjoyment of local residents, workers and visitors alike throughout the day.

Public Realm Vision
The vision for the Square seeks to:
  • Transform the Square into a high quality public space fitting of its heritage and future use.
  • Deliver enhanced public spaces to accommodate the significant increase in pedestrians expected with the opening of Crossrail’s Bond Street station.
  • Provide an exceptional arrival and user experience in the heart of Central London.

The video below provides a look at the proposals for the Square once completed.

Please note that following stakeholder consultation since this video was produced some proposals have been revised including the proposed location of the listed cabmen’s shelter which is now proposed to be relocated to a central location on the south side of Hanover Square at the junction with St. George’s Street. This is not shown in the video, but further details are set out in the 2nd Cabinet Member Report relating to this scheme which is linked to below.

If you would like to find out more about the Hanover Square scheme, please view our information leaflets at the bottom of this page. If you’d like to sign up to your mailing list, where you can receive regular updates about the works, please contact our Communications Manager at:


Works on site

Outline Programme

Progress to Date

The Hanover Square construction team have made great progress on the public realm works throughout 2019. The works on Harewood Place and the eastern side of the Square are now complete. New paving, kerblines and considerably wider footways have been provided, as well as new lighting columns and cycle parking. Carriageway resurfacing has also been undertaken as part of these works.


2020 Works Programme

Due to Covid-19 construction works were temporarily put on hold throughout March, April and May 2020. However, works re-commenced in June and the team have made good progress. The footway works in in the southeast corner of the Square are complete and reopen to the public. In summer 2020, works commenced in the northwest of the Square and into Tenterden Street, in collaboration with Crossrail and GPE. These works will continue into the west side of the Square during 2020 and into 2021.

An updated phasing plan can be seen here.

Gardens & Railings Improvements

The Grade II listed Hanover Square Cabmen Shelter was recently relocated to its temporary location in the northeast corner of the Square, which enabled access to commence the Gardens and Railings works.

The garden improvement works consist of:

  • The demolition of the existing gardens hut at the north of the gardens
  • The installation of a new garden hut
  • Removal of existing garden railings & the installation of new railings
  • New and improved planting (including shrubbery and trees)
  • New lawn
  • New granite benches and refurbishment of existing timber benches

During this time, the gardens will be temporarily closed to the public to ensure the team can undertake the landscape works safely. It is estimated that the Garden and Railings improvements will take a minimum of six months during which the gardens will remain closed. During this time, Cavendish Square will remain open and provide a place for local residents and workers to relax.

Further information about the garden improvement works and the consultation that took place in May 2019 can be seen in the Gardens Leaflet, which can be found under 'project documents' below titled 'Hanover Square Gardens 2019'.


The phases of construction and works programme can be downloaded here.

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